Unique posi­tion at Stand F07: SIMPLY. at the LogiMAT

The Logi­MAT is an absolute must for logis­tics spe­cial­ists. It’s not just prod­ucts which are at the cen­tre of atten­tion here, but also trends and chal­lenges from the entire sec­tor. This means that the Logi­MAT sets new impuls­es again and again, Obvi­ous­ly SIMPLY. want­ed to present itself prop­er­ly in this environment.

Before the LogiMAT 

The SIMPLY. adver­tis­ing cam­paign start­ed before the trade fair appear­ance – the Logi­MAT took place in Stuttgart between 19 and 21 Feb­ru­ary. In this case the adver­tis­ing cam­paign was linked to the stand con­cept, as was to be expect­ed from a com­pa­ny which thinks and acts systematically. 

This meant that read­ers of a spe­cial­ist mag­a­zine came across a self-con­fi­dent state­ment „Load con­tain­ers in 10 min­utes. Yes. And?“, com­bined with a pic­ture of a young woman in a self-con­fi­dent pose. A ban­ner was derived from this adver­tis­ing motif, and the ques­tion of how and with what it was pos­si­ble to load a con­tain­er and 10 min­utes was of course answered. SIMPLY. To be seen at the Logi­MAT in Hall 9 Stand F07.
At the same time, invi­ta­tions were sent out from the com­pa­ny head­quar­ters in Thier­haupten and calls were made.
And, in the end, the stand was built as well: Exhi­bi­tion stage, meet­ing and cater­ing rooms were locat­ed direct­ly on top of the SIMPLY! The stand was accessed by a small stair­way in front of an adver­tis­ing ban­ner with the woman from the advert mak­ing an invit­ing ges­ture: she pre­sent­ed the slo­gan „Push the but­ton. Load and go.“
Apart from this, the trade fair stand was open from both sides and easy to see from a long way away.
There weren’t any direct neigh­bour­ing stands which may or may not have been a coin­ci­dence: the fact that SIMPLY. has a unique posi­tion was made opti­cal­ly obvi­ous in this case.
The best con­di­tions were there­fore pro­vid­ed for plen­ty of vis­i­tors, the Logi­MAT was ready to start! 

SIMPLY. made a huge success at LogiMAT 2019, showing its container filler, together with loading system solution to hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Dur­ing the Exhibition

The com­pa­nies who had made an appoint­ment in advance of the trade fair mir­rored the enor­mous band­width of the con­tain­er filler. The sec­tors ranged from spe­cial mechan­i­cal engi­neer­ing, solar technology/​photovoltaic, lam­i­nate man­u­fac­ture up to struc­tur­al steel.

The dis­cus­sions deep­ened the inter­est and formed the basis for fur­ther steps. Tai­lor-made solu­tions also arose in coop­er­a­tion with the cus­tomers. Not just for load­ing con­tain­ers, but also unload­ing.
And the mate­ri­als han­dling sys­tems made by SIMPLY. were of inter­est to each of these com­pa­nies. The mot­to in this case is: the more dif­fer­ent the require­ments, the more spe­cialised the solu­tions.
This also pro­vid­ed plen­ty of mate­r­i­al for dis­cus­sions and the Logi­MAt proved to be ide­al for an exchange of views and the ini­ti­a­tion of new con­tract con­clu­sions.
„Push the but­ton. Load and go.“, the stand mot­to promised a lot and awoke appro­pri­ate inter­est, and even some scep­ti­cism as well. Dur­ing the spe­cial­ist dis­cus­sions it soon became clear that the promis­es were not exag­ger­at­ed. The speed at which the SIMPLY. loads con­tain­ers was not the only sub­ject, how­ev­er. The eco­nom­ic effec­tive­ness, the safe­ty and the con­sid­er­able reli­a­bil­i­ty of SIMPLY. con­tain­er load­ing solu­tion were also dis­cussed. These sort of dis­cus­sions are even more inter­est­ing, espe­cial­ly dur­ing the spe­cial­ist trade fair like the Logi­MAT. This is because every vis­i­tor can make a direct com­par­i­son. In the case of SIMPLY., any logis­tics spe­cial­ist soon notices that there is noth­ing com­pa­ra­ble on the mar­ket in prin­ci­ple! The vis­i­tor was there­fore rel­a­tive­ly quick to fig­ure out which advan­tages result­ed direct­ly for his com­pa­ny.
And, in the end, the con­clu­sion was that the Logi­MAT was a great suc­cess!
This makes one fore­cast very sim­ple: Good­bye Logi­MAT 2019, Hel­lo Logi­MAT 2020.



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Our Prod­ucts

Con­tain­er-load­ing system

Con­tain­ing only a few com­po­nents, SIMPLY. Con­tain­er-load­ing Sys­tem pro­vides a high lev­el of flex­i­bil­i­ty and reliability.

Long car­go conveyors

SIMPLY. Long-car­go Con­vey­or solu­tions add robust­ness and extreme resilience from the begin­ning to the end.

Mate­r­i­al-han­dling systems

Devel­oped sys­tem­at­i­cal­ly, SIMPLY. makes mate­r­i­al han­dling safe and easy.

ROI Cal­cu­la­tor

No mat­ter what comes out, it’s always a win-win solu­tion for you.


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