Inspi­ra­tion world­wide: SIMPLY at Pro­MAT

Pro­MAT is held in Chica­go every two years. Hav­ing start­ed in the 1950s, it is today America’s lead­ing trade fair for sup­ply-chain man­age­ment, with 950 exhibitors pre­sent­ing lit­er­al­ly thou­sands of solu­tions for engi­neer­ing, sys­tems and tech­nol­o­gy. This year’s event focused on Indus­try 4.0.

Digi­ti­sa­tion, automa­tion and net­work­ing are the keys to the logis­tics of the future, and this applies to both process man­age­ment and mate­r­i­al han­dling. The aim of all these mea­sures can be summed up in one word: effi­cien­cy. And no mat­ter what plans are made in advance, at some point, a con­tain­er will have to be loaded and unloaded. Achiev­ing effi­cien­cy here is a mat­ter of using supe­ri­or tech­nol­o­gy.
And that’s what the SIMPLY. con­tain­er load­ing sys­tem offers, though it is nowhere near the only advan­tage of this con­tain­er filler. There was anoth­er rea­son for the SIMPLY. team to trav­el to Chica­go: Many busi­ness­es over­seas, gen­er­al­ly sub­sidiaries of Euro­pean cus­tomers, use SIMPLY. as part of their dai­ly rou­tine. So Pro­MAT was the per­fect oppor­tu­ni­ty to gain an on-site toe­hold in sup­port of SIMPLY.’s expan­sion into Amer­i­ca.

 ProMAT was the perfect opportunity to gain an on-site toehold in support of SIMPLY.’s expansion into America.

SIMPLY. booth at Pro­MAT

The booth’s cen­tre­point was the con­tain­er filler, using the same mot­to of ‘Con­tain­ers loaded in 10 min­utes. Yeah, so?’ as it had at Logi­Mat. It was a mot­to that also sparked inter­est in Chica­go, fit­ting seam­less­ly into the trade fair’s over­ar­ch­ing theme, where­by SIMPLY.’s theme of ‘effi­cien­cy’ is not just mea­sured in load­ing time, but also encom­pass­es the entire con­tain­er-load­ing process chain. It starts with the fact that load­ing can take place out­side the con­tain­er. This saves time, because things move faster when they’re done stress-free under safe con­di­tions! And as a by-prod­uct, mul­ti­ple pal­lets can be loaded in advance, enabling cus­tomers to han­dle con­sid­er­ably larg­er vol­umes of their prod­ucts. In very tight time frames. SIMPLY. loads con­tain­ers as if on a con­vey­or belt. So it’s only log­i­cal that trucks’ wait­ing times are also sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduced. And cus­tomers have more staff avail­able for more worth­while tasks. They no longer have to wor­ry about tedious and often hair-rais­ing oper­a­tions out­side or even inside con­tain­ers! The same applies for heavy machin­ery such as cranes or fork­lifts. Gone are the days of labo­ri­ous manoeu­vring where the estab­lished load­ing meth­ods con­stant­ly place staff and loads at risk! That’s no longer an issue with SIMPLY.

SIMPLY. Con­tain­er Load­ing Sys­tem

The SIMPLY. con­tain­er load­ing sys­tem can also be used for any type of goods. While a num­ber of spe­cialised con­tain­er fillers exist on the mar­ket, the flex­i­bil­i­ty of SIMPLY is hard to beat. If indeed it can be beat­en at all. And this is true in all pos­si­ble cli­mat­ic con­di­tions. SIMPLY. can han­dle both trop­i­cal and icy sub-zero tem­per­a­tures – which, for Amer­i­can cus­tomers whose domes­tic mar­ket ranges from the likes of Alas­ka to Cal­i­for­nia, is a strong argu­ment in its favour. Anoth­er key fac­tor dis­tin­guish­ing it from its com­peti­tors is the fact that SIMPLY.’s ben­e­fits can also be enjoyed dur­ing unload­ing process­es, which is why SIMPLY. can be found on project con­struc­tion sites all over the world.
But the notion of effi­cien­cy is more than just the con­tain­er-load­ing sys­tem; the mate­r­i­al-han­dling sys­tems are the per­fect addi­tion for a seam­less val­ue chain in logis­tics.
So it’s no won­der that the SIMPLY. team was able to wel­come many poten­tial cus­tomers to its booth, and that the idea of devel­op­ing cus­tomer rela­tions over­seas high­light­ed a num­ber of pos­i­tive prospects for the com­pa­ny. Attend­ing Pro­MAT was def­i­nite­ly worth it, and there is real hope that we will have a con­sid­er­able base of Amer­i­can cus­tomers by the time Pro­MAT 2021 comes around!

SIMPLY. The glob­al stan­dard

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Active occu­pa­tion­al health & safe­ty. The SIMPLY. MHS

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SIMPLY. ROI cal­cu­la­tor – for a Win-win Out­come

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Our Prod­ucts

Con­tain­er-load­ing sys­tem

Con­tain­ing only a few com­po­nents, SIMPLY. Con­tain­er-load­ing Sys­tem pro­vides a high lev­el of flex­i­bil­i­ty and reli­a­bil­i­ty.

Long car­go con­vey­ors

SIMPLY. Long-car­go Con­vey­or solu­tions add robust­ness and extreme resilience from the begin­ning to the end.

Mate­r­i­al-han­dling sys­tems

Devel­oped sys­tem­at­i­cal­ly, SIMPLY. makes mate­r­i­al han­dling safe and easy.

ROI Cal­cu­la­tor

No mat­ter what comes out, it’s always a win-win solu­tion for you.