Active occu­pa­tion­al health & safe­ty. The SIMPLY. MHS

Equip­ment such as pro­tec­tive hel­mets or safe­ty boots are a mat­ter of course when it comes to mate­r­i­al handling.

They also stand for pas­sive occu­pa­tion­al safe­ty and health mech­a­nisms. In oth­er words, they are only effec­tive if some­thing actu­al­ly hap­pens, pre­vent­ing things from dete­ri­o­rat­ing fur­ther. Rather than replac­ing them, the SIMPLY. mate­r­i­al han­dling sys­tems can pre­vent a haz­ardous sit­u­a­tion from aris­ing at all.

The SIMPLY. material handling systems can prevent a hazardous situation while dealing with material handling.

Step 1: Ensure clar­i­ty and order of ware­house pal­let system

The first approach is to ensure clar­i­ty and order. Cramped, hard-to-access store rooms pose a per­ma­nent risk. Long pro­files become a trip­ping haz­ard, can block thor­ough­fares – and if they are need­ed, great skill is required in order to move them.
Here, he SIMPLY. mate­r­i­al han­dling sys­tems kill two birds with one stone:
The first step is the ware­house pal­let sys­tem. Designed for all kinds of elon­gat­ed car­go, it is tele­scop­ic, suit­able for out­door use, and can of course be used as a buffer store. The key is to com­bine it with the SIMPLY. long car­go con­vey­or, which enables the ware­house to dou­ble as a trans­porter. The con­trol han­dle rotates vir­tu­al­ly 360°, and has a fork sock­et for all con­ven­tion­al indus­tri­al trucks. This guar­an­tees mobil­i­ty in the most con­strict­ed of spaces, and gives your staff the choice of either sim­ply pulling the con­vey­or out and remov­ing the long car­go with­out any space restric­tions, or dri­ving the con­vey­or right to where the car­go is needed.

Step 2: Ensure clear­ly arranged storage

The next step is to ensure clear­ly arranged stor­age. The pro­duc­tion indus­try is noto­ri­ous for hav­ing small­er parts lying around in the most inac­ces­si­ble of places. Thus begins a labo­ri­ous clean-out process, and it’s a famil­iar sit­u­a­tion: Any­thing that’s in the way gets put on the floor or a near­by shelf. The staff mem­ber then takes a step back, there’s a part lying there that wasn’t there before, and the trip­ping haz­ard inten­si­fies. Not to men­tion the fact that goods which have been ware­housed in an impro­vised and there­fore unse­cured man­ner can quick­ly slip out of place.

SIMPLY.’s indus­tri­al pal­let can pre­vent all of this. The par­ti­tion­ing is flex­i­ble, and the pal­let is suit­able for can­tilevers, and is also stack­able. It can even be used out­doors, as it is made from hot-dip gal­vanised steel. Most impor­tant­ly, how­ev­er, SIMPLY. once again pro­vides a cus­tomised mobil­i­ty solu­tion in the form of an indus­tri­al plat­form con­vey­or, whose load-bear­ing capac­i­ty and manoeu­vra­bil­i­ty put it in a league of its own! It too is made from hot-dip gal­vanised steel, is high­ly robust, and fea­tures SIMPLY.’s clas­sic con­trol han­dle with fork sock­et. The­o­ret­i­cal­ly, you can plan out an entire stor­age area using indus­tri­al pal­lets and indus­tri­al plat­form con­vey­ors, with every­thing clear­ly laid out, fast and safe to access, and high­ly mobile. And when it comes to stor­ing new parts or doing a stock-take, nar­row cor­ri­dors are a thing of the past. Sim­ply dri­ve the indus­tri­al plat­form con­vey­or to where there’s enough space, even out­doors if you wish, and your staff can then get to work com­fort­ably in nat­ur­al daylight.

But the indus­tri­al plat­form con­vey­or boasts an addi­tion­al safe­ty fac­tor: The renun­ci­a­tion of haz­ardous load­ing process­es. It can car­ry up to 7.5 tonnes, and is thus able to han­dle heavy com­po­nents. So if you receive a deliv­ery, the indus­tri­al plat­form con­vey­or can be dri­ven into the yard, have the car­go loaded onto it – and the goods are auto­mat­i­cal­ly ware­housed. If they’re need­ed, sim­ply manoeu­vre the con­vey­or togeth­er with the car­go. This is much eas­i­er and safer than first col­lect­ing the load from the truck using a fork­lift, lay­ing it down some­where, and then lat­er tak­ing it to the pro­duc­tion site using the fork­lift again – par­tic­u­lar­ly as the car­go is gen­er­al­ly wider than the fork­lift. On the indus­tri­al plat­form con­vey­or, it can be stored length­ways, allow­ing it to eas­i­ly fit down nar­row corridors.

This form of active safe­ty applies even when using euro pal­lets. It is avail­able in three basic ver­sions – for three, four or five euro pal­lets or pal­let cages. Euro pal­lets can thus be loaded direct­ly onto the con­vey­or togeth­er with the car­go. And as its width does not exceed that of a euro pal­let, mul­ti­ple con­vey­ors can sit along­side one anoth­er, serv­ing as a stor­age facil­i­ty. The euro pal­let con­vey­or is of course also made from hot-dip gal­vanised steel, has the ful­ly rotat­ing con­trol han­dle with fork sock­et, and is also an ide­al solu­tion for emp­ty euro pal­lets! These are often stacked care­less­ly, scat­tered all over the fac­to­ry premis­es. Not to men­tion the fact that these stacks are unse­cured and can col­lapse if, for exam­ple, a vehi­cle knocks them. The euro pal­let con­vey­or with stan­chions pro­vides a safe and, most impor­tant­ly, cen­tral place for these. Tow­er­ing stacks of emp­ty pal­lets, which then have to be labo­ri­ous­ly dri­ven around the fac­to­ry premis­es on an indus­tri­al truck are a thing of the past.
So the SIMPLY. mate­r­i­al han­dling sys­tems give you dou­ble the ben­e­fit: Stor­age flex­i­bil­i­ty AND active safety!



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Our Prod­ucts

Con­tain­er-load­ing system

Con­tain­ing only a few com­po­nents, SIMPLY. Con­tain­er-load­ing Sys­tem pro­vides a high lev­el of flex­i­bil­i­ty and reliability.

Long car­go conveyors

SIMPLY. Long-car­go Con­vey­or solu­tions add robust­ness and extreme resilience from the begin­ning to the end.

Mate­r­i­al-han­dling systems

Devel­oped sys­tem­at­i­cal­ly, SIMPLY. makes mate­r­i­al han­dling safe and easy.

ROI Cal­cu­la­tor

No mat­ter what comes out, it’s always a win-win solu­tion for you.


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