Mis­sion accom­plished bot­tle­neck solved. SIMPLY quadru­ples ship­ping vol­ume from WITTMANN BATTENFELD.

WITTMANN BATTENFELD GmbH is a sys­tem sup­pli­er in mechan­i­cal engi­neer­ing with out­stand­ing tech­nolo­gies, excel­lent qual­i­ty and a unique com­pe­tence world­wide: Cus­tomers receive all equip­ment for injec­tion mold­ing tech­nol­o­gy, includ­ing automa­tion and the asso­ci­at­ed periph­er­als, from a sin­gle source. 

WITTMANN BATTENFELD is also inno­v­a­tive when it comes to ship­ping prod­ucts world­wide. Because WITTMANN BATTENFELD is one of SIMPLY.‘s glob­al cus­tomers. In this way, the sophis­ti­cat­ed prod­ucts from the sys­tem sup­pli­er can not only be loaded quick­ly but also in a way that meets the high­est safe­ty stan­dards and that real­ly pays off for the company. 

Con­tain­ers cost a lot of mon­ey today and in the long term, this can lead to bot­tle necks and cause prob­lems with the sup­ply chain. 

Logis­tics with­out con­tain­ers is no longer con­ceiv­able today. But before ship­ping comes the load­ing. And it can be far more chal­leng­ing than many peo­ple think. The con­se­quence? Delays and costs. Because in addi­tion to excel­lent prod­ucts, it is also impor­tant to be able to ship the machines on time. 

There was room for improve­ment at WITTMANN BATTENFELD in Kot­ting­brunn, Aus­tria, although sev­er­al load­ing meth­ods were used there: the con­tain­ers were gen­er­al­ly lift­ed off the truck with a crane and placed on the ground. Then they were loaded with the fork­lift. A demand­ing task for com­plex machines due to the dif­fer­ent dimen­sions and weights. Although the fork­lifts had more free­dom of move­ment when the con­tain­er was ground­ed, it nat­u­ral­ly became tight direct­ly in front of the con­tain­er. And in the con­tain­er? Sev­er­al employ­ees, who coor­di­nat­ed the load­ing process by shout­ing instructions. 

Occa­sion­al­ly, the con­tain­er was left on the trail­er, but the fork­lift dri­vers also had to do “mil­lime­ter work”. Always be aware that a wrong action could have caused dam­age of up to six fig­ures. As a third option, open-top con­tain­ers were tried. Nev­er­the­less, load­ing with a crane was tedious, espe­cial­ly since this method also har­boured its risks. Just think what hap­pens when the charge begins to swing. In addi­tion, there was a space prob­lem: some open-top con­tain­ers have a fixed roof insert instead of a tar­pau­lin. This had to be tem­porar­i­ly stored togeth­er with the bows of the tar­pau­lins. This in turn meant there was no space for oth­er load­ing processes.

But no mat­ter which method was used, two employ­ees always had to go into the con­tain­er after load­ing to recheck the car­go. With head­lamps. Not ide­al from a secu­ri­ty point of view. 

So it is not sur­pris­ing that each load­ing took at least two hours. With lim­it­ed load­ing space, bot­tle­necks arose here that became increas­ing­ly notice­able. SIMPLY. brought the solution. 

SIMPLY. Makes logis­tics a suc­cess factor. 

It all start­ed with a tip that the logis­tics man­ag­er at WITTMANN BATTENFELD received from an acquain­tance. Then a demon­stra­tion at a SIMPLY. ref­er­ence cus­tomer and short­ly after­wards a pur­chase deci­sion proved its worth. The load­ing time was reduced from 2 hours to 10 minutes! 

Where­as pre­vi­ous­ly only two machines could leave the Kot­ting­brunn plant in a load­ing cycle, now there are six to eight! And since employ­ees are no longer need­ed in the con­tain­er dur­ing load­ing, WITTMANN BATTENFELD eas­i­ly meets the high indus­tri­al safe­ty require­ments. This is how pro­duc­tion could be ramped up, because with the SIMPLY. WITTMANN BATTENFELD han­dles the increas­ing demand and tight dead­lines with ease.
With­out a bot­tle­neck, the goods are deliv­ered faster and the result is: more sales in a short­er time. 

Sim­ply all-in: with the pallet. 

Each SIMPLY. is designed for a load capac­i­ty of 30 tons and is solid­ly man­u­fac­tured. It is vir­tu­al­ly main­te­nance-free since it does not require any com­pli­cat­ed hydraulics or sen­si­tive elec­tron­ics. Nec­es­sary replace­ment and wear repairs can be car­ried out in-house; many SIMPLY. cus­tomers do this, includ­ing WITTMANN

The pal­lets required for load­ing are often also made in-house. They are defined in height and spac­ing and make load­ing easy. Sim­ply put the load on the pal­let, then secure it against dam­age. Care­ful­ly, calm­ly, in day­light and with free­dom of move­ment. In front of the con­tain­er – and not in it. Elab­o­rate open-top con­tain­ers and head­lamps are a thing of the past..

Enjoy Inno­va­tion: Earn mon­ey faster. On Click. 

Indi­vid­ual machines, com­po­nents or com­plete machine lines. Safe on the pal­let, safe on the SIMPLY. – and above all fast. Or, to add our slo­gan to the WITTMANN Group: Push the but­ton. Load and Go. 

Active occu­pa­tion­al health & safe­ty. The SIMPLY. MHS

Active occu­pa­tion­al health & safe­ty. The SIMPLY. MHS

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SIMPLY. ROI cal­cu­la­tor – for a Win-win Outcome

SIMPLY. ROI cal­cu­la­tor – for a Win-win Outcome

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SIMPLY. A Good Ser­vice You Can Trust

SIMPLY. A Good Ser­vice You Can Trust

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SIMPLY. Always the right answer

SIMPLY. Always the right answer

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Our Prod­ucts

Con­tain­er-load­ing system

Con­tain­ing only a few com­po­nents, SIMPLY. Con­tain­er-load­ing Sys­tem pro­vides a high lev­el of flex­i­bil­i­ty and reliability.

Long car­go conveyors

SIMPLY. Long-car­go Con­vey­or solu­tions add robust­ness and extreme resilience from the begin­ning to the end.

Mate­r­i­al-han­dling systems

Devel­oped sys­tem­at­i­cal­ly, SIMPLY. makes mate­r­i­al han­dling safe and easy.

ROI Cal­cu­la­tor

No mat­ter what comes out, it’s always a win-win solu­tion for you.


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