No mat­ter what exact­ly hap­pens at your end, it’s a win-win out­come.

The ROI cal­cu­la­tor enables you to inter­ac­tive­ly deter­mine how fast our con­tain­er-load­ing sys­tem will pay off for you.

The key para­me­ters for ROI are work­ing time, num­ber of staff, and direct costs, e.g. for open-top con­tain­ers.
Just enter your data: How many staff mem­bers do you need? With SIMPLY, it’s only ever one. How much do they cost? And how long do they work for? With SIMPLY, one per­son needs one hour! Do you incur costs for open-top con­tain­ers and crane hire? Not with SIMPLY!
All in all, it makes life eas­i­er for your staff, and saves you mon­ey.
That’s a win-win out­come. And the safe­ty boost that comes with the fact that no one needs to work inside the con­tain­er any­more means it’s actu­al­ly a win-win-win.