You can’t beat a sys­te­ma­tic approach.

Our mate­ri­al-hand­ling sys­tems will increase your company’s pro­duc­ti­vi­ty: When­ever the neces­sa­ry parts are easi­ly acces­si­ble or can quick­ly be taken whe­re they need to go. When­ever space is saved and things beco­me much easier. With com­pon­ents that are just apt. And deve­lop sys­te­ma­ti­cal­ly. With one word: SIMPLY.
We have dedi­ca­ted seve­ral sec­tions to our long-car­go con­vey­ors.
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The WPS warehouse-pal­let system.
Length is efficiency. 

Typ max.
3 tonnes

WPS dimen­si­ons in mm approx.

LengthClear width
3000 x 100030601000
4000 x 100040601000
6000 x 100060801000

When it comes to the WPS, we can’t help but think back to an old Ger­man yacht-buil­ding ada­ge that rough­ly trans­la­tes as “length is effi­ci­en­cy”. The sys­tem was deve­lo­ped for all kinds of long car­go, taking into account the noti­on of hea­vy-duty dai­ly use. As such, the WPS is hot-dip gal­va­nis­ed, shock-pro­of, wea­ther-resistant, and also ide­al as a buf­fer store and out­door warehousing faci­li­ty. Com­bi­ned with our LCC, the WPS makes for a ver­sa­ti­le trans­port team when it comes to moving goods intern­al­ly. It can of cour­se also be loa­ded, making it ide­al for exter­nal logi­stics. In a word: Efficiency.
But the sto­rage pallet/WPS can do even more: Stackable and teles­co­pic, it will inde­ed unlock a who­le palet­te of opti­ons for you. Accre­di­ted by a DEKRA load-secu­ring cer­ti­fi­ca­te. Just pic­tu­re the pos­si­bi­li­ties. And cont­act us. We’ll be glad to advi­se you. And cus­to­mi­se your WPS to order.

Flat car­go – tall profits.
The indus­tri­al plat­form conveyor. 

Typ max.
3.5 u. 7.5 t

IPC dimen­si­ons in mm approx.

2500 x 125025961400
3000 x 150040961650
4000 x 200050962150

For per­fect pas­sing at your pro­duc­tion faci­li­ty. The IPC trans­ports goods like semi-finis­hed pro­ducts weig­hing up to 7.5 ton­nes, yet is also extre­me­ly ver­sa­ti­le – thanks to a fork socket for all con­ven­tio­nal indus­tri­al trucks, com­bi­ned with a ful­ly rotata­ble con­trol hand­le. Whe­ther it be sheet-metal or pla­s­tic boards, lasered parts or wel­ded parts, ever­y­thing can be fit, pla­ced in buf­fer sto­rage, or relo­ca­ted swift­ly. Smal­ler parts too? Of cour­se. The IPC can be com­bi­ned with indus­tri­al pallets!

Indus­tri­al pallets.
Pro­ven efficiency.

Typ max.
3 tonnes
IPS dimen­si­ons in mm approx.
DesignsClear height
OR 2500 x1250Wit­hout frame193
OR 3000 x 1500Wit­hout frame193
OR 4000 x 2000Wit­hout frame193
MR 2500 x 1250With frame193
MR 3000 x 1500With frame193
MR 4000 x 2000With frame193
TR 2500 x 1250With divi­ding surface193
TR 3000 x 1500With divi­ding surface193
TR 4000 x 2000With divi­ding surface193

The more sys­te­ma­tic the approach, the more effec­ti­ve it is. Our indus­tri­al pal­lets fol­low this same prin­ci­ple, and are crea­ted for you in dif­fe­rent designs. Whe­ther it be with com­part­ments, with frames, or sui­ta­ble for can­ti­le­vers. They’re always stackable, com­pa­ti­ble with the IPC, and of cour­se hot-dip gal­va­nis­ed and robust. Experts in the trade.

The Euro-pal­let conveyor.
The bench­mark for space usage 

EPC type

EPC dimen­si­ons in mm approx.


EPW Typ 3L333312833 pcs.
EPW Typ 4L425312834 pcs.
EPW Typ 5L517312835 pcs.

Euro pal­lets are stan­dar­di­sed, save space, and make plan­ning easier. And the same is true when trans­port­ing them. The Euro-pal­let con­vey­or maxi­mi­ses every cen­ti­met­re of space, trans­port­ing three, four or five Euro pal­lets, or alter­na­tively pal­let cages, depen­ding on the design. It’s also a con­vey­or you can easi­ly use as a buf­fer sto­rage faci­li­ty, inclu­ding out­doors, sin­ce it is hot-dip gal­va­nis­ed and robust. And moving it is equal­ly simp­le with the fork socket, sui­ta­ble for all con­ven­tio­nal indus­tri­al trucks. Com­bi­ned with a ful­ly rota­ting con­trol hand­le, making mano­eu­vring even easier.

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