Yeah, so?
The Long-car­go con­vey­or.

Not cus­tom-made.

The heav­ier the car­go, the eas­i­er the deci­sion to opt for our LCC, with its high­ly robust design capa­ble of car­ry­ing loads of up to 7.5 tonnes. You can fit it with floor­ing and non-slip sur­faces, and even com­bine it with the stor­age-pal­let sys­tem. It of course also comes in dif­fer­ent lengths. After all, it’s always about your inter­nal logis­tics.

And that doesn’t just apply to the LCC. Click here to find out more about our mate­r­i­al-han­dling sys­tems.

Long-car­go con­vey­ors.
A broad range of options for when things get tight.

Long, bulky car­go often needs to pass through nar­row areas – sim­ply because there is no more room in the ware­house or aisles. And when indus­tri­al trucks reach their lim­its, it’s the LCC that is able to find a way through – loaded with pipes, pro­files, rods, logs and much more!

High­ly ver­sa­tile.
But that still wasn’t ver­sa­tile enough for us.

Our LCC is made entire­ly of hot-dip gal­vanised steel, mean­ing it is also ide­al for out­door use. Com­bined with the right acces­sories, it can addi­tion­al­ly be used as a buffer stor­age facil­i­ty. And togeth­er with your indus­tri­al trucks, the LCC offers you the most flex­i­ble team at the ware­house. The LCC has a fork sock­et for all con­ven­tion­al mod­els, which is in turn high­ly mobile and ver­sa­tile.
In short: One user of our LCCs man­u­fac­tures its own fork­lifts. So it must know what it’s doing.

From A to Z.
For A to B.

Typ max.

3.5 tonnes

LCC dimen­sions in mm approx.
LengthClear width
3000 x 6003350600
4000 x 6004350600
6000 x 6006350600
3000 x 100036901000
4000 x 100046901000
6000 x 100066901000

Typ max.

7.5 tonnes

LCC dimen­sions in mm approx.
LengthClear width
3000 x 6003370600
4000 x 6004500600
6000 x 6006500600
3000 x 100036901000
4000 x 100046901000
6000 x 100066901000

The LCC comes in dif­fer­ent lengths, widths and designs. Added to this are its spe­cial fea­tures: Load-bear­ing capac­i­ty of up to 7.5 tonnes, com­pat­i­bil­i­ty with all con­ven­tion­al indus­tri­al trucks, weath­er-resis­tant, and ver­sa­tile.

Got spe­cial require­ments for your LCC? Sim­ply let us know your spec­i­fi­ca­tions! We’ll be glad to adapt the LCC to your meet your per­son­al needs.

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