Euro-Pallet Conveyor – Optimize Space, Maximize Efficiency  

Discover the power of efficient material handling with our Euro-Pallet Conveyor. Designed to effectively utilize space and increase productivity, our hot-dip galvanized steel conveyor streamlines the movement of Euro pallets and pallet cages. Embrace green transportation ideas with our durable, space-saving solution for all your logistics needs.

The Benefits of Effortless Material Handling

Our Euro-Pallet Conveyor is designed for modern industrial platforms and integrates seamlessly into your material handling system. Constructed of strong galvanized steel, it withstands harsh conditions and optimizes space with its compact design. Choose from different versions to suit your needs and experience a material handling solution that improves efficiency and agility.

Flexible Configurations to fit your Business

Eco-Friendly Material Handling Solution

Improved Stability with Non-Slip Stanchions

Designed for Heavy Duty Use

SIMPLY. Logistic Systems GmbH ist TÜV-geprüft. Bieten Service und Beratung in Container Beladesystem, Automatisierte Beladung von Containern, Langut Transportwagen und Material Handling Systeme.

Euro-Pallet Conveyor in Action – Adapting to Your Operational Needs

The SIMPLY. Euro-Pallet Conveyor (EPC) excels in a variety of environments, offering versatility and reliability. Whether you need efficient pallet storage or an agile solution for narrow aisles, our EPC has you covered. Its rugged design, galvanized steel construction, and rotating control handle ensure smooth operation, even with heavy goods.

Discover how our conveyor excels in four key environments.

Pallet Trade Efficiency

The Euro-Pallet Conveyor is a game changer for the pallet handling industry. Take advantage of its non-slip uprights and narrow, maneuverable design for efficient pallet storage and retrieval.

Europool Deposit System

Ideal for the Europool Deposit System, our EPC serves as a compact pallet store, saving valuable space in your warehouse while ensuring easy forklift maneuverability.

Production Hall Flexibility

Our Euro-Pallet Conveyor effortlessly navigates narrow aisles in production halls and provides smooth transport of euro pallets and pallet cages. Improve your production processes.

Flexible Warehouse Management

Whether mobile or stationary, the combination of euro pallets and pallet cages offers unparalleled storage flexibility, allowing you to adapt to changing inventory needs.

Customized EPC Options

Euro Pallet Capacity

All numbers shown in approximate mm

Accepts up to 5 Euro pallets or cages

Manoeuvrable with fully rotating steering handle

Maneuverable in narrow warehouses and aisles

As wide as a Euro pallet – optimal use of space

Fork sockets for all standard forklifts

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