Industrial Platform Conveyor – Simplifying Material Handling 

Explore the world of systematically simple material handling: our SIMPLY. Industrial Platform Conveyor (IPC) is designed for heavy-duty use. This versatile conveyor ensures the efficient transport of flat goods and brings huge profits to your logistics operations. With a focus on efficiency, safety and compatibility, you get a seamless, environmentally friendly solution for all your material handling needs.

Simplify Workflows With Industrial Platform Conveyor

When it comes to material handling, we understand the importance of smooth and organized operations. The IPC offers a fully rotating control handle for effortless maneuvering. Fork slots accommodate all popular forklifts for seamless integration into your existing facility. Embrace sustainable logistics with our IPC’s streamlined workflow and ergonomic design. The benefits are significant and will improve your company’s productivity.

Improved Efficiency

Eco-Friendly Solution

High Load Capacity

Versatile Application

Enhancing Your Operational Efficiency

The operational environment of a logistics company requires reliable and efficient material handling to maintain a smooth workflow. Our Industrial Platform Conveyor (IPC) addresses multiple operational areas to optimize your workflow from the warehouse to the production site.

Let’s explore four key operational areas where our IPC excels.

Warehouse-to-Production Transport

Easily move heavy semi-finished goods from the warehouse to the production site with our IPC with forklift trailer. Reduce downtime and optimize productivity with its maneuverability.

Efficient Unloading

When receiving heavy and bulky cargo, the IPC facilitates quick unloading from delivery trucks. Its low and accessible bed makes it easy to load onto the conveyor and quickly transport the load to the warehouse or production area.

Assembly Aid

For truck engine assembly work, the IPC provides easy access from the sides and top. After service, the IPC serves as a storage platform until the engine is installed or shipped.

Non-Conveyor Belt Applications

Our industrial pallet-equipped IPC is ideal for fixed maintenance and assembly points where conveyors can’t be used. It seamlessly adapts to a variety of operational setups.

Customized IPC Options

Clear Width
3.5 & 7.5 tons
2500 x 1250
3.5 & 7.5 tons
3000 x 1500
3.5 & 7.5 tons
4000 x 2000

All numbers shown in approximate mm

Load capacity up to 7.5 tonnes

For metal and plastic panels

Ideal conveyor for Industrial Pallets (IP)

Manoeuvrable with fully rotating steering handle

Fork sockets for all standard forklifts

Fit Low & Win High!
Let’s Celebrate!

If you’re ready to take your logistics operations to the next level with our Industrial Platform Conveyor or have questions about its applications, our sales team is here to help. Experience seamless transport and accessibility firsthand. Contact us now to schedule a call and discover how our solution can improve your logistics efficiency.

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