Warehouse Pallet System – Optimize Long Cargo Handling

Maximize efficiency with the SIMPLY. Warehouse Pallet System (WPS). Designed for long loads, this hot-dip galvanized, heavy-duty solution ensures smooth outdoor and buffer storage. Experience seamless integration with the SIMPLY. Long-Cargo Conveyor (LCC) and customized configurations for your logistics needs.

Improve Longload Management With Warehouse Pallet System

Unlock the full potential of your logistics operations with the SIMPLY. Warehouse Pallet System (WPS). Ideal for long loads, this galvanized and telescoping solution offers superior buffering and outdoor storage capabilities. Discover the top five benefits of our WPS:

Effortless Handling of Long Cargo

Robust Design for Heavy-Duty Applications

Maximizing Space with Stackable and Telescopic Design

Compatible with Long Cargo Conveyor (LCC)

DEKRA Cargo Safety Certified for added peace of mind

Customizable configurations for tailored solutions

Versatile Applications – Warehouse Pallet System at Your Service

The SIMPLY. Warehouse Pallet System (WPS) is designed as a mobile warehouse for long and heavy loads. The WPS is a versatile solution that thrives outdoors, on construction sites or inside your factory. Rain or shine, heavy duty or delicate transport, the WPS performs without compromise. With different configurations available, the WPS adapts to your specific needs and ensures that your materials move seamlessly.

Discover how our Warehouse Pallet System excels in four key environments.

On-Site Construction Storage

Turn your truck bed into a material storage on wheels with the WPS. Perfect for pipes, long grain lumber, gutters and more on the job site.

Buffer Storage Solution

After construction, the WPS can be repurposed for buffer storage or moved to another jobsite. It offers exceptional versatility and easy maneuverability.

Seamless Conveyor Integration

Combine the WPS with the Long-Cargo Conveyor for faster transport of longer metal or wood parts to the production line. Increase productivity and save time.

Secure Transport Of Fragile Parts

Pre-pick fragile parts at the production site or move sensitive items like engine blades and car axles quickly and safely with our reliable WPS.

Customized Warehouse Pallet System Options

Clear Width
7.5 tons
3000 x 600
7.5 tons
4000 x 600
7.5 tons
6000 x 600
7.5 tons
3000 x 1000
7.5 tons
4000 x 1000
7.5 tons
4000 x 1000

All numbers shown in approximate mm

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