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Innovative Container Loading In The Steel Profile Manufacturer With SIMPLY.

Discover how SIMPLY., the innovative container loading system, has transformed the steel profile manufacturer by solving the challenges of efficiently, safely and profitably loading and transporting large volumes of steel profiles.

Increased Efficiency

SIMPLY. streamlines the loading process, reducing turnaround time and optimizing cargo volume per container.

Enhanced Safety

By eliminating the need for personnel to enter the container, SIMPLY. significantly improves worker safety and minimizes the risks associated with manual loading.

Cost Reduction

With SIMPLY., companies can save on labor, reduce the use of heavy equipment, and increase their overall operational efficiency.

In the steel profile manufacturer, a global company was faced with the task of loading large quantities of steel profiles into containers on a daily basis. The traditional method of loading proved to be challenging as transporting multiple profiles on a forklift at the same time caused balance issues, bending and vibration during transport. In addition, stacking and securing the profiles lengthwise inside the container posed a risk and required personnel to work inside the container itself.

To overcome these challenges, the company turned to SIMPLY, the state-of-the-art container loading system. SIMPLY.’s automated system offered the ideal solution for pre-picking the profiles onto wooden pallets, ensuring balance and stability during transport. With the ability to load multiple pallets, even during production, the company was able to efficiently fill containers with steel sections, maximizing cargo volume.

Using SIMPLY. was as simple as pressing a button. Within minutes, the loaded truck was ready to go, significantly reducing handling time and increasing overall efficiency. The system’s user-friendly design allowed one employee to operate it effortlessly. By using SIMPLY, the company optimized resources and saved valuable time, especially when handling 20 containers per day.

The benefits of SIMPLY. went beyond loading. Profiles could be safely stored or used immediately, giving recipients flexibility and speed. By eliminating manual loading, employees were exposed to fewer risks and reliance on heavy equipment was reduced, resulting in cost savings.

With the successful implementation of SIMPLY., the steel profile company experienced remarkable results. The loading process became faster and more streamlined, reducing labor requirements and increasing cargo volume per container. Recipients enjoyed fast and flexible deliveries, while direct costs were minimized. SIMPLY. became the preferred choice even for standard cargo, revolutionizing container loading in the steel profile manufacturer.

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