A trade fair is the perfect place to forge personal contacts. Above all, however, it’s a place to obtain extensive information first-hand.

And that doesn’t just apply to theory; over those few days, potential solutions to problems are all on display for comparison – including for container fillers. As such, we were able to use the opportunity to answer a series of questions for our visitors. Below are the most important ones.

Q1: What is the container-loading system’s load-bearing capacity?

A: SIMPLY. has a load-bearing capacity of 30 tonnes.

Q2: Do you need multiple container fillers for different container lengths?

A: SIMPLY. container filler is designed to suit all conventional sea containers, and comes in three different versions: SIMPLY. 20, SIMPLY. 40 and SIMPLY.45.

But you don’t need multiple systems for multiple container sizes, because the larger systems can also load the smaller containers. All you need to do is select the container length using the rotary switch.
The most popular SIMPLY system is the SIMPLY. 40, which covers most types of applications.

Q3: Do you need a special pallet?

A: The SIMPLY. container loading system uses a wooden pallet. The dimensions are specified; it is very easy to make yourself.

Q4: Is SIMPLY. purely a loading system?

A: Most of our customers actually also use SIMPLY for unloading. And it’s an obvious solution, because when the loading system sends a transport pallet into a container at the push of a button, it can also work in reverse. But SIMPLY is not just restricted to conventional factory premises; customers commonly use it directly on their project construction sites!

Q5: Does the SIMPLY. need to be used on special flooring?

A: Almost all SIMPLY. systems are used outdoors. If this involves asphalted or paved yards, it is a ‘plug-and-play’ solution. This is also the case when used on project construction sites where unsealed surfaces are the norm. The only thing that matters here is ensuring the ground is duly compacted – as also applies when using cranes. As such, loads weighing 35 tonnes can be handled even when requirements are comparatively straightforward.

Q6: Does SIMPLY. have an external motor? 

A: SIMPLY. has a strong, in-built electric motor with an output of 1.5 kW. The connection is 400 volts, 16 amps. As the SIMPLY transport frame is hoisted using air bellows, it only needs a compressed-air connection of 6-8 bar in addition to electricity. A compressor kit is also available for stand-alone power supplies on project construction sites. 

Q7: Is any training or special qualification required? 

A: No. We discuss the intended use with each of our customers on site, and the relevant staff members are briefed. SIMPLY’s straightforward but genius design means this takes no more than half a day. 

Q8: Are there accessories or special add-ons?

A: The basic version of SIMPLY. container filler has a manual height-adjustment feature. Manual side adjustment or electric height and side adjustment are available as feature packages tailored to your requirements. And for anyone loading their containers on loading platforms, we’ve developed a “discharger”, which is slid under the pallet, and removed again by an industrial truck using a towbar.

Q9: Do you need a maintenance contract? 

A: No. We actually expressly refrain from offering this, as SIMPLY. is extremely low-maintenance. Components placed under mechanical strain, such as motors or chains, do have a set maintenance schedule. But the necessary work can also be performed independently by your staff. 

Q10: How much does SIMPLY cost? 

A: The base price for the most popular SIMPLY. 40 loading-system is 110,000 Euros.

But this is offset by the time, human resources and heavy machinery are saved. And as staff no longer need to do any work inside the container, the safety factor increases too! Some of our clients save substantial amounts of money just by not having to use open-top containers anymore, meaning SIMPLY ends up paying for itself even faster.