The plastic profile provider aluplast has invested in another container loading system – the SIMPLY.

System profiles and the SIMPLY.

The multiple award-winning company aluplast GmbH, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, is an internationally operating system provider producing plastic profiles for windows and doors. In 2008, the family-owned company invested in a container loading system at its Karlsruhe location. This decision was made due to the easy handling and optimization of the workforce. Previously, five people were involved in loading a container; thanks to the container loading system, the system provider now only requires one operator to control the machine with a push of a button. The long profiles are loaded onto the pneumatic lifting carriage of the machine by a forklift and moved and deposited in the container positioned in front of the machine with the help of a motorized chain hoist. In addition to efficient loading, a significant reduction in transport damage has also been observed.

Further investments at the Karlsruhe location.

As the signs point to growth, aluplast has made further investments in its headquarters . In addition to numerous international subsidiaries, Karlsruhe remains the most important production location for system profiles. Driving along the factory premises gives an idea of the enormous material handling there. Trucks arrive almost every minute to load and unload material. The international shipping of profiles is also continuing to increase. Convinced of the performance and robustness of the SIMPLY. container loading system, aluplast has decided to acquire a second unit to meet the rising demand for international material shipping. In July 2023, the second SIMPLY. container loading system from the Swabian company Simply. Logistic Systems GmbH was put into operation. This allows containers to be processed in parallel, increasing flexibility and time savings. As a result, aluplast is well-prepared for the future and can respond to changes in transport plans quickly to serve international customers even faster.