In May 2023, the German environmental technology industry celebrated a milestone: three million installed solar systems.

The Schletter Group from Bavaria, a globally sought-after manufacturer of mounting systems for photovoltaic systems, relies on efficient logistics with SIMPLY. The system enables flexible loading and unloading of containers and has proven itself in the largest solar park project in Burgenland, Austria. SIMPLY. proved to be a reliable partner, enabling smooth unloading even under adverse conditions and under time pressure.

Environmental technology

In May 2023, environmental technology in Germany reached a major milestone: three million installed solar systems. Industry experts see this as evidence of continued strong growth in the sector.

Smooth logistics for success

Seamless and efficient logistics are required to successfully handle the increasing number of incoming orders. And that is exactly what we are here for.

The Schletter Group and SIMPLY. Logistics on the sunny side

The Schletter Group from Kirchdorf in Bavaria is a classic “hidden champion”. The company is a globally sought-after manufacturer of mounting systems for photovoltaic systems. This is based on close global cooperation with manufacturers, distributors and service providers.

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Versatile photovoltaics and the right solutions

Photovoltaics is basically the conversion of the sun’s radiant energy into electrical energy. The means to this end are the familiar solar cells – and there are a number of ways to get more out of the sun: Flat roofs, sloped roofs, facades, open spaces of several hectares… The key is to install the solar panels using high-performance mounting systems. This is where the solutions of the Schletter Group, one of the world market leaders, come into play.

The supports and profiles from Schletter ensure that the solar panels are securely anchored in the right position to withstand snow and wind loads as well as heavy storms. This requires a wide range of expertise and, in view of the many small and large projects planned worldwide, flexible logistics. This is exactly the challenge for which SIMPLY. was designed. After all, if the only standardized part of the load is the container itself, there is no better solution than the standard for container loading systems.

Efficient logistics with SIMPLY.

The Schletter Group currently has several SIMPLY. Systems in production plants and logistics centers around the world. Irrespective of the shape and weight of the individual elements of the assembly systems, they are assembled individually on a wooden pallet. In peace and quiet and whenever there is time. This saves time and increases safety. All the work is done in front of the container. Under ideal lighting conditions and without stress. Even before the truck and container arrive.

Flexibility in loading and unloading

When the truck is ready, the container is connected to the SIMPLY. At the push of a button, 30 tons of cargo automatically move into the container. After just 10 minutes, the truck is ready to leave the depot.

SIMPLY. also demonstrates its advantages during unloading. The SIMPLY. can unload the container just as quickly as it loads it. Schletter also uses SIMPLY. on its project construction sites to unload containers safely and quickly.

Successful use in the largest solar park project

Another SIMPLY. has even been rented for a large, challenging project.

Austria’s largest solar park is currently being built in Burgenland. With a capacity of 114 MW, it can supply up to 40,000 households. Single pole mounting systems from Schletter are used for the solar panels. For this purpose, 242 containers with the necessary components had to be unloaded in a very short time.

Just the right challenge for the SIMPLY. Its ease of use and reliability, even at adverse temperatures and in open terrain, make it the ideal partner for the employees on site.

All containers were unloaded at the push of a button and the tight time frame was easily met.

Containerbeladung bei der Solarbranche Schletter Gruppe