Even products from global market leaders can be viewed in a sober light: as heavy, bulky cargo. Loading containers becomes a challenge here in a number of ways, and the terms that spring to mind are time, costs and safety. And, apparently, it is not possible to meet the demands of all criteria to the same extent.

For example, open-top containers save time and make loading easier, but they are expensive and not always available. This applies especially if containers are being used for intra-logistics. Even a well-practised loading team reaches its limits more quickly in such cases than it normally would.

The possible solution to all these problems is to use an automated container loading system. But even here it’s not just a case of what it can do: because every chain is only as strong as its weakest member, and this becomes especially obvious with loading systems. The capability of loading containers alone is not enough. Success is a question of reliability and maintenance.
SIMPLY. offers a particularly rapid route to ROI in this case. This is because the container loading system is based on experience gained in the heavy-duty sector. Each module consists of robust components. And these are precisely matched to each other to ensure that they function effectively. In this case: the fewer parts fitted, the fewer can break. Base frame, supporting frame, bellows cylinder, transport frame, electric motor, drive chain, control unit. That’s that, basically, because the name is the game with SIMPLY.
SIMPLY. is supported on props which can be adjusted to the side and for height. The customer can choose between manual and electric adjustment here.

Zero Maintenance work for SIMPLY. Container Loading System

SIMPLY. becomes a plug and play solution if power and compressed air connections are available. The maintenance requirement is zero, both for the frame and the lifting frame. The lifting bellows cylinder is also maintenance-free. After all, SIMPLY. has been designed exclusively for use outdoors, for varying climatic zones worldwide – and also to be used as a mobile machine.

For example, on project building sites where components delivered in containers must be unloaded reliably under pressure of time. Here, SIMPLY. doesn’t just show its strength when loading in the works but also when unloading the container on-site. But even a SIMPLY. is not absolutely resistant to dust, dirt or spilt operating liquids. Just give it a simple clean with a pressure cleaner, that’s enough. The drive chains and side and height adjusting chains need a little more attention, but even this requires comparably little time. They do not need to be changed, they only need to be retightened after a fixed interval. After initial commissioning the drive chains require their first re-tightening after three runs, and thereafter every 50 runs. The chains should also be lubricated after 100 runs. After this, 100 runs are the only regular maintenance interval for the rest of the machine’s life. After 3000 runs the ball-bearings in the chain pulleys require replacement. All this work can be carried out with normal tools on-site without any problems. No special tools are required at all. Three, 50 and 100 runs are also the maintenance intervals for the height adjustment. This also works using chains. The motor, which is regulated by the SIMPLY. control unit, only needs maintenance after 10,000 operating hours. The side traversing device only requires maintenance around every six months. To put it briefly: the SIMPLY. maintenance schedule does contain a few more points, but it is still comparatively empty!

SIMPLY. Container Loading System: The Best Solution for Intra-logistic

This makes SIMPLY. the ideal solution many times over. The container is loaded before the container. The pre-commissioned cargo can be packed in peace and quiet, and that saves annoyance and guarantee costs. The staff can work safely.

The loading process itself only takes around 10 minutes, which provides you with space in your yard and, above all, reduces turnover times drastically! Since SIMPLY. can load and unload, speedier routes are also now possible in the intra-logistics area. And, above all, these are simpler and more permanent! SIMPLY. can put up with an awful lot, can be used as a mobile machine and at the same time is extremely low-maintenance and maintenance-friendly. And all this doesn’t just make working easier, it makes it considerably more economic. This also applies to maintenance and service contracts. They are quite simply not necessary and therefore we don’t even offer them.

To sum up: Reliability and maintenance-friendliness are quality properties for SIMPLY. which pay off considerably during daily work.