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At 21 meters high, 40 meters long and 25 meters wide, the new high-bay warehouse of Debrunner Acifer AG in Birsfelden, Switzerland, not only boasts impressive dimensions, but also impresses with its above-average performance:

A total of 9,000 tons of material with a length of up to 6.5 meters can be stored here. For the intralogistics concept of Debrunner Acifer AG, the long goods transport vehicles from SIMPLY. Logistic Systems GmbH play an essential role – not only at the Birsfelden site, but also at the two other Swiss central warehouses in Crissier and St. Gallen.

30 Percent less Truck Dwell Time for Loading

With the new high-bay warehouse, the dwell time for loading trucks has been reduced by 30 percent. The 40 long cargo conveyors used at the Birsfelden site have played a major role in this: “The long cargo conveyors are a valuable means of transport for us to implement our lean management:

Each of these trolleys is assigned to a delivery route for the next day. In this way, we avoid unnecessary pre-production or picking and at the same time speed up the loading of the trucks,” explains Roger Durand, site manager in Birsfelden. The long cargo conveyors from SIMPLY. Logistic Systems are loaded with goods according to the tour and thus make the process in the new high-bay warehouse much more efficient, material handling is significantly faster. The improved performance also affects the four sawing systems at the high-bay warehouse. Up to 65,000 saw cuts per day are now possible, an increase of 30 percent, while at the same time taking up less space.

Use of the Long Cargo Conveyors: Simple and Flexible

After such a short time, the long cargo conveyors had already proven themselves for use in the internal logistics of Debrunner Acifer AG at the Birsfelden site, so that the two other Swiss central warehouses in Crissier and St. Gallen also immediately showed interest in this loading concept.

And so today, at the three locations, more than 109 long cargo conveyors from SIMPLY. Logistic Systems support the transport of heavy and long goods. The long cargo conveyors are used for both indoor and outdoor storage because they are made entirely of hot-dip galvanized steel. Rust caused by rain or moisture is simply not an issue. Thanks to the fork attachment, the long goods trolley can also be moved very easily with any standard low-lift pallet truck or forklift. Flexible maneuvering is also possible without any problems, as the drawbar can be rotated all around. In addition, the long goods cart from SIMPLY. Logistic Systems GmbH is also ideal for use as a stationary buffer store thanks to its narrow dimensions and high load capacity.