Loading containers using SIMPLY systems is becoming a matter of course for an increasing number of customers. But the SIMPLY team continues to set itself the task of attracting and impressing prospective customers – and familiarising new customers with the container-loading system.

While some of the requirements differ starkly, there is one thing they all have in common: The notion that SIMPLY is an investment that must pay off.

How to get in touch with SIMPLY.

Prospective customers make contact with the SIMPLY. team in a variety of ways – at trade fairs, based on advertisements, through the company website or, very often, on a recommendation. This is followed by a series of site visits by the SIMPLY. sales team, because it is important to find out what the problems are and how SIMPLY can be optimised to solve logistics issues.

As such, SIMPLY. can be used on project construction sites, as both a fixed or mobile system. The right setup of course depends on the potential customer’s products. For example, very heavy but compact cargo can often fit in a 20-foot container. If these are the only containers the prospective customer uses, then the SIMPLY 20 is the perfect system. If, however, 40-foot containers are also loaded, it’s worth considering the SIMPLY 40. This container loading system is designed for both lengths; simply set the correct size using a selector switch where it’s necessary. But it’s not just the increased flexibility that ensures the investment pays off; the ability to do away with open-top containers also directly saves you money.

What to expect from SIMPLY. services

One key aspect of our consulting is the container-loading process, which, at SIMPLY, follows the motto of ‘Loading containers outside the container’. This context is used to clarify, for example, what pallet design is required for SIMPLY, how this pallet can be used instead of the previous goods-carrier, and how easy it is to make.

And there’s of course also the question of accessory packages. We offer a wide range of options here, from manual side adjustment to fully electric height and side adjustment.

But nothing can replace witnessing SIMPLY’s efficiency in person, so prospective customers are invited to view the system in action – and not in a test environment; rather at the premises of one of our customers, since there will always be someone using our products near the prospective customer.

If prospective leads end up becoming impressed, convinced customers, it is only about 8-12 weeks between the time of order placement and first container loading. The SIMPLY. will then be delivered on a flat-bed vehicle if within Germany, or by container if to other countries and overseas.

SIMPLY. is in principle a flexible plug-and-play solution. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, running only an operating current and compressed air. More important here is the integration into the customer’s production flows, i.e. minimising distances from the production facility or warehouse to SIMPLY. The operating personnel also undergo training at start-up, though this lasts no more than half a day, and teaches them about the mechanical components and how to maintain them. It is of course also important to inspect parts placed under high mechanical stress, such as drive chains. Once a test loading has been completed with the SIMPLY. team, the customer and their team are able to use SIMPLY in their daily operations without any problem – without a time-consuming, regular maintenance schedule. Because SIMPLY. is extremely low-maintenance. While the customer should have one pack of the most commonly needed wear parts, all they really need to do ensure smooth operation is grease and retighten the transport chain.
The SIMPLY. range also includes accessories packages developed specially to cater to the wide range of potential applications. One of these is the compressor kit, which supplies SIMPLY with compressed air even on remote operation sites.

SIMPLY. can of course also be used to unload a container that it has loaded. Some customers, for instance, use a SIMPLY. to load container at their main production plant, and have a second one at their project construction sites for unloading. At the end of the project, the SIMPLY. is then transported on to the next usage site. But unloading via a ramp has also been taken into consideration. In this case, the containers may be unloaded using the specially developed discharger, which slides under the pallet inside the container, and hoists it, and an industrial truck then removes the load again, together with the discharger, using a towbar. All in a matter of minutes.

But as with everything in life, the best tool for implementing good solutions is the telephone. And it’s no different for the SIMPLY system. We look forward to your call.