The SIMPLY. success story began with flood-protection systems. These were very heavy and bulky, yet the manufacturer was required to ship them worldwide in large quantities. Using SIMPLY. was the answer to all questions revolving around speed, safety and reliability.

Not to mention profitability; because SIMPLY. container filler saves time and human resources, drastically reducing handling times, and also ensuring cargo can be transported damage-free.

This container-loading system’s promise can be summed up in six words: “Push the button. Load and go.” It is duly honoured worldwide every day, be it indoors or in the open air, regardless of weather conditions.
SIMPLY.’s main success factor turns the conventional loading method on its head, instead consisting of loading containers outside the containers.
The cargo is pre-picked on a pallet – with no stress or time pressure. That in itself spares the need for hectic pacing around, while simultaneously improving staff safety. They no longer need to be inside the container, and certainly not on top of the container to direct forklifts, cranes or colleagues.
All of this has made SIMPLY. appealing to a customer who wasn’t part of the company’s traditional client base due to the fact that their cargo did not consist of bulky or heavy goods.

The Client 

Specifically speaking, this is about a globally operating company that manufactures steel profiles for all kinds of applications. Even without SIMPLY, loading some of them into a container wouldn’t really pose a challenge at all – but we’re talking about mass quantities here.

Every day, 20 containers sit waiting to be loaded.
And that’s when the list of challenges gets longer and longer: First, there’s the art of keeping everything in balance. Because transporting multiple profiles simultaneously on a forklift is challenging even for pros, and often causes enough hassle. But even when they’re bundled together, they bend, and every bump in the road sends them vibrating dangerously, making the transportation process a case of battling the cargo. 

The Challenges 

And when it comes to placing and fastening the profiles lengthways in the container, staff have a tough job: They need to stack the profiles, making sure these don’t twist or slip. This can only be done in the container itself, with all the risks that this involves.

Last but not least, the recipient also faces a few challenges when unloading the container. Where should the forks grip? Where should the crane be placed? While this is all certainly feasible, it comes at the cost of lost time, combined with intensive use of materials and human resources. With no guarantee that the cargo will be completely undamaged.
So it was only logical to start thinking about an automatic loading system using a container filler. Because this sort of automatic system has huge potential to save resources and time when 20 containers are being loaded every day. 

The Solution

SIMPLY took the test, and passed with flying colours.
First of all, there’s the aforementioned pre-picking on a pallet – absolutely ideal for profiles 6 metres long. Any number of pallets can be picked, including while production is in progress. They never run short, for they are wooden and are easy for people to make themselves.

The pallets have also brought the customer another, unexpected advantage: More profiles could suddenly be loaded per container.
And no sooner had the pallet been placed on the SIMPLY. system than a single staff member merely had to press a button. Some 10 minutes later, the truck had left the yard and the SIMPLY. system was ready for the next load.
As such, handling times reduced dramatically.
Two SIMPLY. container fillers are currently being used for loading, and another three for unloading. Two of them are in the USA, and one is in Saudi Arabia.
The fact that the profiles can be used virtually instantly or, if necessary, stored securely, pays dividends here.
When they’re needed, it’s simply a case of “Push the button. Load and go.” again.

The Results 

So the customer wins on every level. Large quantities of their product can be handled quickly, sparing the need for human resources, while actually increasing the cargo volume per container.
And recipients enjoy both speed and flexibility.

The direct costs also decrease: Heavy equipment is used less frequently, or can even be done away with altogether.
Staff are not exposed to unnecessary risks and are only involved where appropriate.
In short: SIMPLY is the best choice also when it comes to standard cargo!