Mission accomplished bottleneck solved. SIMPLY quadruples shipping volume from Wittmann Battenfeld.

WITTMANN BATTENFELD GmbH is a system supplier in mechanical engineering with outstanding technologies, excellent quality and a unique competence worldwide: Customers receive all equipment for injection molding technology, including automation and the associated peripherals, from a single source.

Wittmann Battenfeld is also innovative when it comes to shipping products worldwide. Because Wittmann Battenfeld is one of SIMPLY.’s global customers. In this way, the sophisticated products from the system supplier can not only be loaded quickly but also in a way that meets the highest safety standards and that really pays off for the company.

Containers cost a lot of money today and in the long term, this can lead to bottle necks and cause problems with the supply chain.

Logistics without containers is no longer conceivable today. But before shipping comes the loading. And it can be far more challenging than many people think. The consequence? Delays and costs. Because in addition to excellent products, it is also important to be able to ship the machines on time.

There was room for improvement at Wittmann Battenfeld in Kottingbrunn, Austria, although several loading methods were used there: the containers were generally lifted off the truck with a crane and placed on the ground. Then they were loaded with the forklift. A demanding task for complex machines due to the different dimensions and weights. Although the forklifts had more freedom of movement when the container was grounded, it naturally became tight directly in front of the container. And in the container? Several employees, who coordinated the loading process by shouting instructions.

Occasionally, the container was left on the trailer, but the forklift drivers also had to do “millimeter work”. Always be aware that a wrong action could have caused damage of up to six figures. As a third option, open-top containers were tried. Nevertheless, loading with a crane was tedious, especially since this method also harboured its risks. Just think what happens when the charge begins to swing. In addition, there was a space problem: some open-top containers have a fixed roof insert instead of a tarpaulin. This had to be temporarily stored together with the bows of the tarpaulins. This in turn meant there was no space for other loading processes. But no matter which method was used, two employees always had to go into the container after loading to recheck the cargo. With headlamps. Not ideal from a security point of view.

So it is not surprising that each loading took at least two hours. With limited loading space, bottlenecks arose here that became increasingly noticeable. SIMPLY. brought the solution.

SIMPLY. Makes logistics a success factor.

It all started with a tip that the logistics manager at Wittmann Battenfeld received from an acquaintance. Then a demonstration at a SIMPLY. reference customer and shortly afterwards a purchase decision proved its worth. The loading time was reduced from 2 hours to 10 minutes!

Whereas previously only two machines could leave the Kottingbrunn plant in a loading cycle, now there are six to eight! And since employees are no longer needed in the container during loading, Wittmann Battenfeld easily meets the high industrial safety requirements. This is how production could be ramped up, because with the SIMPLY. Wittmann Battenfeld handles the increasing demand and tight deadlines with ease. Without a bottleneck, the goods are delivered faster and the result is: more sales in a shorter time.

Simply all-in: with the pallet.

Each SIMPLY. is designed for a load capacity of 30 tons and is solidly manufactured. It is virtually maintenance-free since it does not require any complicated hydraulics or sensitive electronics. Necessary replacement and wear repairs can be carried out in-house; many SIMPLY. customers do this, including Wittmann.

The pallets required for loading are often also made in-house. They are defined in height and spacing and make loading easy. Simply put the load on the pallet, then secure it against damage. Carefully, calmly, in daylight and with freedom of movement. In front of the container – and not in it. Elaborate open-top containers and headlamps are a thing of the past..

Enjoy Innovation: Earn money faster. On Click.

Individual machines, components or complete machine lines. Safe on the pallet, safe on the SIMPLY. – and above all fast. Or, to add our slogan to the Wittmann Group: Push the button. Load and Go.