ProMAT is held in Chicago every two years. Having started in the 1950s, it is today America’s leading trade fair for supply-chain management, with 950 exhibitors presenting literally thousands of solutions for engineering, systems and technology. This year’s event focused on Industry 4.0.

Digitisation, automation and networking are the keys to the logistics of the future, and this applies to both process management and material handling. The aim of all these measures can be summed up in one word: efficiency. And no matter what plans are made in advance, at some point, a container will have to be loaded and unloaded. Achieving efficiency here is a matter of using superior technology.

And that’s what the SIMPLY. container loading system offers, though it is nowhere near the only advantage of this container filler. There was another reason for the SIMPLY. team to travel to Chicago: Many businesses overseas, generally subsidiaries of European customers, use SIMPLY. as part of their daily routine. So ProMAT was the perfect opportunity to gain an on-site toehold in support of SIMPLY.’s expansion into America.

SIMPLY. booth at ProMAT

The booth’s centrepoint was the container filler, using the same motto of ‘Containers loaded in 10 minutes. Yeah, so?’ as it had at LogiMat. It was a motto that also sparked interest in Chicago, fitting seamlessly into the trade fair’s overarching theme, whereby SIMPLY.’s theme of ‘efficiency’ is not just measured in loading time, but also encompasses the entire container-loading process chain. It starts with the fact that loading can take place outside the container. This saves time, because things move faster when they’re done stress-free under safe conditions! And as a by-product, multiple pallets can be loaded in advance, enabling customers to handle considerably larger volumes of their products. In very tight time frames. SIMPLY. loads containers as if on a conveyor belt. So it’s only logical that trucks’ waiting times are also significantly reduced. And customers have more staff available for more worthwhile tasks. They no longer have to worry about tedious and often hair-raising operations outside or even inside containers! The same applies for heavy machinery such as cranes or forklifts. Gone are the days of laborious manoeuvring where the established loading methods constantly place staff and loads at risk! That’s no longer an issue with SIMPLY.

SIMPLY. Container Loading System

The SIMPLY. container loading system can also be used for any type of goods. While a number of specialised container fillers exist on the market, the flexibility of SIMPLY is hard to beat. If indeed it can be beaten at all. And this is true in all possible climatic conditions. SIMPLY. can handle both tropical and icy sub-zero temperatures – which, for American customers whose domestic market ranges from the likes of Alaska to California, is a strong argument in its favour. Another key factor distinguishing it from its competitors is the fact that SIMPLY.’s benefits can also be enjoyed during unloading processes, which is why SIMPLY. can be found on project construction sites all over the world.

But the notion of efficiency is more than just the container-loading system; the material-handling systems are the perfect addition for a seamless value chain in logistics.

So it’s no wonder that the SIMPLY. team was able to welcome many potential customers to its booth, and that the idea of developing customer relations overseas highlighted a number of positive prospects for the company. Attending ProMAT was definitely worth it, and there is real hope that we will have a considerable base of American customers by the time ProMAT 2021 comes around!