Equipment such as protective helmets or safety boots are a matter of course when it comes to material handling.

They also stand for passive occupational safety and health mechanisms. In other words, they are only effective if something actually happens, preventing things from deteriorating further. Rather than replacing them, the SIMPLY. material handling systems can prevent a hazardous situation from arising at all.

Step 1: Ensure clarity and order of warehouse pallet system

The first approach is to ensure clarity and order. Cramped, hard-to-access store rooms pose a permanent risk. Long profiles become a tripping hazard, can block thoroughfares – and if they are needed, great skill is required in order to move them.
Here, he SIMPLY. material handling systems kill two birds with one stone:

The first step is the warehouse pallet system. Designed for all kinds of elongated cargo, it is telescopic, suitable for outdoor use, and can of course be used as a buffer store. The key is to combine it with the SIMPLY. long cargo conveyor, which enables the warehouse to double as a transporter. The control handle rotates virtually 360°, and has a fork socket for all conventional industrial trucks. This guarantees mobility in the most constricted of spaces, and gives your staff the choice of either simply pulling the conveyor out and removing the long cargo without any space restrictions, or driving the conveyor right to where the cargo is needed.

Step 2: Ensure clearly arranged storage

The next step is to ensure clearly arranged storage. The production industry is notorious for having smaller parts lying around in the most inaccessible of places. Thus begins a laborious clean-out process, and it’s a familiar situation: Anything that’s in the way gets put on the floor or a nearby shelf. The staff member then takes a step back, there’s a part lying there that wasn’t there before, and the tripping hazard intensifies. Not to mention the fact that goods which have been warehoused in an improvised and therefore unsecured manner can quickly slip out of place.

SIMPLY.’s industrial pallet can prevent all of this. The partitioning is flexible, and the pallet is suitable for cantilevers, and is also stackable. It can even be used outdoors, as it is made from hot-dip galvanised steel. Most importantly, however, SIMPLY. once again provides a customised mobility solution in the form of an industrial platform conveyor, whose load-bearing capacity and manoeuvrability put it in a league of its own! It too is made from hot-dip galvanised steel, is highly robust, and features SIMPLY.’s classic control handle with fork socket. Theoretically, you can plan out an entire storage area using industrial pallets and industrial platform conveyors, with everything clearly laid out, fast and safe to access, and highly mobile. And when it comes to storing new parts or doing a stock-take, narrow corridors are a thing of the past. Simply drive the industrial platform conveyor to where there’s enough space, even outdoors if you wish, and your staff can then get to work comfortably in natural daylight.

But the industrial platform conveyor boasts an additional safety factor: The renunciation of hazardous loading processes. It can carry up to 7.5 tonnes, and is thus able to handle heavy components. So if you receive a delivery, the industrial platform conveyor can be driven into the yard, have the cargo loaded onto it – and the goods are automatically warehoused. If they’re needed, simply manoeuvre the conveyor together with the cargo. This is much easier and safer than first collecting the load from the truck using a forklift, laying it down somewhere, and then later taking it to the production site using the forklift again – particularly as the cargo is generally wider than the forklift. On the industrial platform conveyor, it can be stored lengthways, allowing it to easily fit down narrow corridors.

This form of active safety applies even when using euro pallets. It is available in three basic versions – for three, four or five euro pallets or pallet cages. Euro pallets can thus be loaded directly onto the conveyor together with the cargo. And as its width does not exceed that of a euro pallet, multiple conveyors can sit alongside one another, serving as a storage facility. The euro pallet conveyor is of course also made from hot-dip galvanised steel, has the fully rotating control handle with fork socket, and is also an ideal solution for empty euro pallets! These are often stacked carelessly, scattered all over the factory premises. Not to mention the fact that these stacks are unsecured and can collapse if, for example, a vehicle knocks them. The euro pallet conveyor with stanchions provides a safe and, most importantly, central place for these. Towering stacks of empty pallets, which then have to be laboriously driven around the factory premises on an industrial truck are a thing of the past.

So the SIMPLY. material handling systems give you double the benefit: Storage flexibility AND active safety!