The LogiMAT is an absolute must for logistics specialists. It’s not just products which are at the centre of attention here, but also trends and challenges from the entire sector. This means that the LogiMAT sets new impulses again and again, Obviously SIMPLY. wanted to present itself properly in this environment.

Before the LogiMAT 

The SIMPLY. advertising campaign started before the trade fair appearance – the LogiMAT took place in Stuttgart between 19 and 21 February. In this case the advertising campaign was linked to the stand concept, as was to be expected from a company which thinks and acts systematically.

This meant that readers of a specialist magazine came across a self-confident statement „Load containers in 10 minutes. Yes. And?“, combined with a picture of a young woman in a self-confident pose. A banner was derived from this advertising motif, and the question of how and with what it was possible to load a container and 10 minutes was of course answered. SIMPLY. To be seen at the LogiMAT in Hall 9 Stand F07.

At the same time, invitations were sent out from the company headquarters in Thierhaupten and calls were made.
And, in the end, the stand was built as well: Exhibition stage, meeting and catering rooms were located directly on top of the SIMPLY! The stand was accessed by a small stairway in front of an advertising banner with the woman from the advert making an inviting gesture: she presented the slogan „Push the button. Load and go.“

Apart from this, the trade fair stand was open from both sides and easy to see from a long way away.
There weren’t any direct neighbouring stands which may or may not have been a coincidence: the fact that SIMPLY. has a unique position was made optically obvious in this case.

The best conditions were therefore provided for plenty of visitors, the LogiMAT was ready to start! 

During the Exhibition

The companies who had made an appointment in advance of the trade fair mirrored the enormous bandwidth of the container filler. The sectors ranged from special mechanical engineering, solar technology/photovoltaic, laminate manufacture up to structural steel.

The discussions deepened the interest and formed the basis for further steps. Tailor-made solutions also arose in cooperation with the customers. Not just for loading containers, but also unloading.

And the materials handling systems made by SIMPLY. were of interest to each of these companies. The motto in this case is: the more different the requirements, the more specialised the solutions.

This also provided plenty of material for discussions and the LogiMAt proved to be ideal for an exchange of views and the initiation of new contract conclusions.

„Push the button. Load and go.“, the stand motto promised a lot and awoke appropriate interest, and even some scepticism as well. During the specialist discussions it soon became clear that the promises were not exaggerated. The speed at which the SIMPLY. loads containers was not the only subject, however. The economic effectiveness, the safety and the considerable reliability of SIMPLY. container loading solution were also discussed. These sort of discussions are even more interesting, especially during the specialist trade fair like the LogiMAT. This is because every visitor can make a direct comparison. In the case of SIMPLY., any logistics specialist soon notices that there is nothing comparable on the market in principle! The visitor was therefore relatively quick to figure out which advantages resulted directly for his company.

And, in the end, the conclusion was that the LogiMAT was a great success!

This makes one forecast very simple: Goodbye LogiMAT 2019, Hello LogiMAT 2020.