Logistics is the driver of globalisation. And containers are its turbo, as a globally recognised standard capable of being handled anywhere in the world. Which is why SIMPLY. is expanding its solution worldwide. Because loading and unloading containers was something that, until now, has never fit a set standard. It’s still very much dominated by improvisation – particularly when it comes to heavy and bulky cargo, of all things.

The solution to this is the SIMPLY. container filler, which is already setting benchmarks the world over. It has a load-bearing capacity of up to 30 tonnes, and is extremely flexible. With a single wooden pallet generally made by the customers themselves, all it takes is the press of a button and the container is loaded in 10 minutes! Unloading is just as quick – in any climatic conditions. So it’s no wonder that the container filler is used on every continent, generally by branches or subsidiaries of SIMPLY. customers in Europe. They are so impressed with SIMPLY. that they have now started using it worldwide, meaning SIMPLY. container fillers can be found in all corners of the globe as a symbol of customer satisfaction. Every 9 minutes, a container is being loaded or unloaded using a SIMPLY. machine somewhere in the world!

SIMPLY. Vision in 2019

SIMPLY. will be continuing down this path in future, and also attends trade fairs outside of Europe; the SIMPLY. team was indeed at ProMAT in Chicago just in April. Positive customer reports, the Internet, and ads at trade fairs are all generating active interest. Enquiries are being processed at the company’s headquarters in Thierhaupten, near Augsburg. And it is from there that the new SIMPLY.s are sent all over the world, with no need for sales or service branches. Be it in Asia, Africa or America, the SIMPLY. is delivered with the container as a plug-and-play solution. Maintenance is minimal and can be done by the customers themselves. Frequently needed wear parts may be delivered in the same package upon request; nothing more is needed. Anyone who contacts SIMPLY., whether as an existing or prospective customer, will also encounter other genius ideas in the form of the material-handling systems. These solutions have also been developed based on the requirements of practical operations, which are similarly dominated by improvisations or stand-alone solutions, particularly when it comes to internal logistics. SIMPLY. takes material handling to a new, safe and efficient level here. The solutions are modular, building on from one another, giving the customer a tailor-made logistics kit while still enabling them to rely on set standards. What all material handling systems have in common is their highly robust design. Made from hot-dip galvanised steel, they can withstand even the most unfavourable of climatic conditions.

The SIMPLY. conveyors are also highly mobile thanks to their control handle, which rotates almost fully. In addition, they feature a fork socket compatible with all conventional industrial trucks. This keeps them manoeuvrable in even the tightest of spaces, enabling them to fit down narrow corridors. Their design is such that they can also be used as a buffer store, either next to one another or just outdoors. Each of the conveyors can be tailored to customer requirements, always based on the conceptual design for the cargo, e.g. profiles. SIMPLY. is thus the perfect option for customers to store and transport long cargo. Gone are the days of having euro pallets lying around the conveyors; the conveyors now serve as interim storage solutions. If the pallets are transported back as part of the deposit return scheme, the euro-pallet conveyor can quickly be driven to the truck and be instantly ready for loading again.

This once again demonstrates how SIMPLY. gets more out of worldwide standards. Industrial platform conveyors also have potential for worldwide use. Heavy sheets of metal or plastic no longer need to be transported on the forks of large hoisting vehicles (which particularly causes major problems in factory halls); with a load-bearing capacity of up to 7.5 tonnes, the conveyors can hold the cargo lengthways and, thanks to their fork socket, enable the cargo to be transported using a normal industrial truck. They can also be loaded with industrial pallets, which are in turn highly customisable. So there’s always a perfect solution – for long-cargo transportation, heavy or bulky goods, storage capacities and much more. SIMPLY. is always the global standard.